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One of the most important things to me is making real things. In this virtual world of computers and software, there doesn't seem to be much substance anymore. I like things I can hold in my hand. I like things that feel well-made. I like to dream up an idea for a device and then just build it and try it.

Designing musical equipment has become my full-time passion over the past few years. It is the culmination of decades of parallel interest in sound, music, electronics and computers finally weaving themselves together in a most interesting way. And thankfully the interest in hardware music equipment, modular synthesizers and human interfaces is bigger now than it's ever been.

For more information about my line of musical equipment, please visit: Kilpatrick Audio

If you're more into DIY synths, you can build some simple modules of your own: Dintree

I also have a YouTube Channel which I post to sometimes: shiftedphase

Modular Synth

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